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My Why

As my children had grown and flown away from the coop, I was in need of something to fill my "empty nest". Most of you know as parents, we are running our kids around to ball practices, school activities and such. I was left with a lot of free time and I am not a big TV person. I saw a lady showing Paparazzi on a Facebook live and I made a few purchases. You see, I had heard of Paparazzi about 5 years prior.  I even bought some of the jewelry and to this day I still have  those amazing pieces. I never really knew that I could be the one selling it at that time. To be honest, I wasn't very computer savvy and I didn't know much about social media. It was all in God's timing that I was reintroduced to this beautiful jewelry. It took me about 3 weeks of asking a million questions to make the decision to join. (So don't be afraid to ask if you have questions.  I am happy to help answer them. In fact I love helping you understand the business side of Paparazzi!) 

Once I made that decision and I had started selling Paparazzi I was in LOVE with everything in my kit. I secretly wanted to just keep it all for myself but that would be stingy after all I signed up so that I could bring these amazing, beautiful pieces of jewelry to you. 

The company itself is amazing and a blessing to me. Because of Paparazzi, I have been able to work from home full time. It helps pay my monthly bills and extras like going to dinner, amusement parks, and other vacations. I love to travel and with Paparazzi I have been to Tampa, Las Vegas, Orlando, and Atlanta. 

The sisterhood and the friendships that I have built through the Paparazzi community is another  blessing. I never would have meet some of the most loving, caring individuals if I would not have been with Paparazzi.

I now have a team of over 445 amazing ladies and gentlemen, from all over the US, who are loving this business too. I am always looking to add more business partners. I am building an empire of successful people that  are being blessed by their very own business just as I am.

If you are interested in learning more or joining you can follow this link and click Join now for more information.


Feel free to give me a call or email me to answer any questions you may have.