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Fear ... what a powerful word. 
Fear keeps you doing what you really want. It also robs you of experiences that you don’t know the outcome.  You might be missing out on  something extraordinary. 

 We fear what people think of us, we fear of failure, we fear we will repeat things that happened in the past. 

Don’t let fear keep you from being and experiencing Life. 

FEAR  - False Evidence Appearing Real. !  wow think about that. It’s so true.

when I and my kids  were younger we went on a Cave exploration.  I didn’t want to go because I was afraid.  My kids begged me so I said yes  along with my husband and two kids we put in knee and elbow pads and a helmet with a head lamp. We were ready to go into this 2 hour tour.  As we got deeper into the cave we turned out our lights to experience what true darkness is.  Some spots we had to army crawl and some spots we have to use 3 point contact to pass a canyon.  Half way thru I was done  I wanted out!  But  I couldn’t go back I had to go forward I would have never found my way out.  I took a few moments and gather myself.  I was ready  we moved forward and enjoyed the rest of the tour.  Let me tell you when I came out it was such amazing amazing experience and a feeling of accomplishment.  See if I let my fear kept  me from going I would not have this memory with my family.    

Be Brave and don’t let FEAR rob you of your opportunities and experiences  after all we only get one life  Live it to your fullest. 🙂